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1965 Corvair for Sale – 65 Corvair 4 Sale

If you are seeking a 1965 Corvair for sale, Buy Old Cars is the place to go! Listed on this page is 65 Corvairs for sale by owner! Enjoy!

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SOLD! Corsa is a convertible, turquoise blue with a blue top, and the top is in like new condition. The body does has some rust, but it is very minimal as it has been kept covered outside for the past five years. The engine is complete and requires very little work, but the brakes and head lights need to be completed. The inside of the car is “okay” but definitely could use some clean up and work. Contact owner for details of work done and parts that will go with the car. This is a “project car”. The person who buys it wants a car they can work on and finish it to make a great crusin car. I am no longer able to work on it and would love to find it a new home.

Seller of the Corvair above specicially noted that she sold this car as a result of Buy Old Cars over her Craigslist ad!

1965 Corvair for Sale - 65 Corvair 4 Sale

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In 1965, Chevrolet had a model of car called the Corvair. There was the 1965, Monza. The car had a rear engine and a truck up front. If you are looking for parts, they are becoming much harder to find. This American made Chevy showed its stuff to a whole generation of car lovers. Corvairs are a classic as these vehicles can still turn heads.

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