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1986 Camaro Louvers

February 5, 2012

Looking for a set of 1986 Camaro Louvers? Buy Old Cars is the place to find this hard-to-find part for your awesome 1986 Camaro. It will help cool the motor by allowing heat to escape easily, therefor increasing performance & helping it to last longer. Some people may look up 1986 hood vents, but the technical name is Louvers. Whether you are looking for aftermarket fiberglass Louvers or used hood louvers for your 86 Camaro, we have you covered. Be sure to bookmark this 1986 Camaro Louvers page since it is updated continuously. I guess you could say this page is for Camaro Louvers or er…maybe Camaro Lovers :-)

1967 Camaro Fenders

December 5, 2010

Where can you find 1967 camaro fenders? Here at Buy Old Cars, of course! If you are doing restoration work on a classic 1967 Camaro, then you may be in need of finding a set of 67 Camaro fenders if you have some bad rust issues. Good camaro fenders are getting harder to find, but you should be able to get what you need here. We list fender from off of ebay motors.

1967 Camaro Clutch Brake Pedal Bracket

April 21, 2009

1967-68 Camaro Firebird Clutch Brake Pedal Bracket.  CLUTCH & BRAKE PEDAL BRACKET Part Number: 91A-2467  Needing an original GM clutch and brake pedal braket?   Parts are often sold “as is.”    1967 Camaro Firebird brake pedal bracket original gm 1967 68 camaro firebird clutch brake pedal bracket.  If in the market for a 67 Camaro clutch bracket, you can find it on this page of  Sometimes the 1967 Brake pedal bracket is not in stock but you can usually find it used from someone selling it on ebay motors parts.  The Camaro braek pedal braket is essential for the proper mounting of any new 67 camaro pedals.  This is a very specialized but necessary part for the proper operation of your 1967 Camaro’s brake and clutch system.  Do need a 67 Brake pedal bracket?  Be sure and keep this in your favorites!